GaBe Double Glazing

Terms and Conditions (T&C’s)




Please read these General Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) carefully before placing your order, as we are unable to agree on any other terms with our Customers.



The prices quoted in the quotation are the base prices of the doors and windows. Separately itemised are other miscelanious items and installation which includes the cost of transportation. The offer with the latest date is always valid, the previous date will expire. The quotation is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

We accept no liability for technical errors in our offer.


Validity of order, start of production:

Conditions for manufacturing the ordered products:

● Finalized, agreed upon technical content

● Authentic signed contract

● Advance payment

GaBe Double Glazing manufactures windows and doors with the technical content specified in the quality certificate, in accordance with the Australian Class I quality. GaBe Double Glazing reserves the right to make technical changes where appropriate. Any modification following the conclusion of the contract shall require the conclusion of a modified contract.


Payment Terms:

By signing the order, or by paying with the first progress payment signaling the intention to buy the product in question, the Customer undertakes to receive the finished products and pay the full amount of the consideration, and declears that he/she read and accepted GaBe Double Glazing's full terms and conditions.

When ordering the doors and windows, a 50% deposit is due, which the Customer can pay by transfer to GaBe's Windows bank account, in cash, or oderwise availabilities of electronic payment systems. Installation begins only after the second instalment has been settled, and after installation the third instalment and the last instalment of the total instalment are paid. This date is the first day of the warranty.

Until the full amount is paid, the product is the sole property of GaBe Double Glazing. Thus, warranty claims can only be dealt with after the full amount has been paid.



GaBe Double Glazing provides Customer with a one-time free survey if you request one. The assessment requires the personal presence of the Customer or its authorized representative. According to practice, the survey and subsequent confirmation will take approx. 3 working days, unless other wise advised at the time of survey. Please take this into account when calculating the deadline. When signing the confirmation please check the ordered items - direction of opening, number of pieces, type of glass etc.



Production deadline:

Usually the expected production time is 2-3 weeks. GaBe Double Glazing will indicate a different acceptance deadline on the order. GaBe Double Glazing may charge a premium for off-line production in case it can be accommodated.

After signing the order, the Customer has 3 working days to modify the production, however, this will result in an extension of the production deadline! GaBe Double Glazing will notify Customer, orally or in writing, of the exact date of delivery and assembly in the days prior to it. Customer acknowledges the pre-performance rights of GaBe Double Glazing.

In the event of late fulfillment, the Customer may claim a penalty, which is gross daily value

0.2% of the entrepreneurial fee. The total amount of the penalty shall not exceed 10% of the entrepreneurial fee. If in the event of any unexpected event that impedes manufacture, GaBe Double Glazing may notify the Customer of obstruction, in which case the parties may agree on a new date of manufacture.



GaBe Double Glazing will only be liable for any damage or damage caused during the shipment. Shipping costs are included in installation prices.

Transport does not include the additional costs of difficult access to the site, eg. crane,

stand or stand using extra auxiliary power, etc.

Delivery will be completed within 30 working days of completion of the report, unless it is due to a fault of the Customer, the Customer shall bear the storage costs - 22, - AUD / day.



Prior to commencement of installation, the Client shall make a statement regarding the existence of the workspace - coffee design, accessibility, etc. GaBe Double Glazing will only begin installing doors and windows for existing workspaces.


The installation fee in the offer includes the cost of on-site visits for the time required for the given installation. In case of on-site visits outside the pre-determined installation days, made due to customers’ request, GaBe Windows is entitled to charge an additional cost.Upon commencement or delivery of the installation, the Customer or the Customer shall: the commissioned technical manager must be present. The delivered windows and doors must be protected by the Customer from further damage, and if necessary, they must be covered with foil.



When used properly, GaBe Double Glazing warrants 10-year warranty on all hardware installed, including a first 12-month warranty, which begins upon performance. If installed by Customer, or some other persons than GaBe Double Glazing, GaBe Double Glazing cannot provide warranty for defects in the installation nor demage that happens ot the products whilst installation. GaBe Double Glazing is only required to accept a warranty claim for a fully paid account. The warranty does not cover material damage and damage caused by third parties (eg painter, bricklayer, restoration work, etc.). In the event of improper maintenance, repairs, interventions, or modifications of a third-party nature, GaBe Double Glazing is exempt from warranty.

In all cases, the Customer is obliged to disclose its quality objections in writing. In case of quality objection GaBe Double Glazing will send a specialist to fix the problem within 15 days. In the event of an unreasonable claim resulting in an on-site visit, Customer is required to reimburse GaBe Double Glazing for the costs of the on-site visit.

Please ensure that cover the foil on the frames and wings is removed by no later than 1 months after installation.


Legal status:

Issues not governed by this T&C's shall be governed by the currently applicable Australian Legislation.

By signing the confirmation, the Client acknowledges that the Permanent Court of Arbitration of the Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry is competent.

I have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment.