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We employ professionals with years of experience. This guarantees top quality and not only the long lifecycle of the installed doors and windows, but also your comfort.


So you’ve decided to buy new windows and doors, and you’re curious about the installation? Well, here you are, check out the whole process step-by-step. The first step is the transportation of the products to the customer’s house. We provide the utmost care during transportation, the products are protected with special protection foils and tapes, so the glass won’t be scratched. Afterwards, we remove the old windows by taking out the frame. It’s worth noting that covering the furniture is recommended due to the dust. Please make sure that the area around the window is easily accessible!
Afterwards, the new frame is cut into size, making sure that the wall and the plaster are not damaged. The previous window remains are removed and we vacuum the remaining dust. Before installing the new window, we measure the perfect level for the window, making sure that it’s put into place appropriately. With this, we make sure that the window will be working as intended.
Fixing the window in place requires special screws, the next step is adding the insulation. If you’d like to replace your old windows and doors for modern ones, please don’t hesitate to contact us for details!


The required maintenance varies from window types, materials (wood, plastic or aluminum), opening type (turning, tilt & turn, etc.) and their condition. It’s recommended to keep maintaining old windows after a repair to make sure they will work for a long time. New windows (a few years old) require maintenance as well due to their complex opening-closing mechanism; at first, opening them may be hard, but the constant strain could lead to the break of the hinges, which could prevent the window from opening or closing.

What to do before maintenance:
Glazing (with plate-glass or isolating glass), glass tinting
Adjusting (casement, strap, hinge, etc.)
Correcting the hinges (or replacing them if needed)
Adding insolation (replacing current insolation if needed)
Painting (but NEVER PAINT THE insolation plastic)

We also provide repair and a few years of maintenance for wood and plastic windows. You can extend the lifetime of your windows this way!


It’s important to accurately measure the tree frame before producing the plastic window or door. If the measuring wasn’t accurate, then the additional cost is paid by the person in charge of the measuring, since the plastic windows and doors are manufactured according to size. It’s recommended to have a professional measure the size. When measuring wooden frames, it must be measured in two or three different spots due to uneven wooden surfaces. It must be measured diagonally as well to make sure there is a right angle. If the diagonal measurements significantly differ from each other, then mason work is also required since the plastic doors and windows must be horizontally straight. Moreover, one centimeter must be ignored during the measurements because these spaces will be filled with polyurethane foam. If exact measurements can’t be made due to the wooden structure, it must be widened to have an exact size.


Our company undertakes the delivery of new doors and windows, as well as the removal of old, expanded doors and windows. Delivery and delivery are also carried out by our company's own lorries. Many years of experience with our colleagues guarantee that doors and windows will come in peace.

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