A fixed flyscreen is standard on all windows sold by us


Perhaps one of the most common types of mosquito mashes. It is an ideal choice. The big advantage of roller meshe over fixed window screens is their mobility. In case you don’t need a flyscreen or just want to crawl something out the window we can release the mosquito mashes in one go and not limit us in our activities. 


A simple yet very practical solution, especially for large surfaces. In terms of operation, the sliding flydoor has the same handling as the sliding doors and windows. The sliding flydoor panel slides onto the side fixed window panel when opened. The sliding flydoor operates on an aesthetically low rail. Available in one or two sliding panel versions. In the case of the two-leaf version, the sliding panels operate independently on twin rails.


An openable hinged mosquito net system specially designed for balcony doors and entrance doors. The opening flydoors are always made with an aluminum frame, the cross brace of which also acts as a handle. The mash is made of the usual UV-resistant fiberglass-based material, which is perfectly resistant to weather conditions. Perfect for all uPVC, wood and aluminum doors, if the door is opening inwards.


Fixed window screens are characterized by simplicity, cost-effectiveness and easy installation. The mash made of fiberglass material, in a time and UV resistant design. The advantage of the flanged fixed mash is that it can be easily removed and stored in winter and is not exposed to the weather.


Pleat is the perfect solution for both windows and doors. The system can be used to provide mosquito nets for huge windows and doors. The mosquito net can be stopped anywhere, making it an ideal solution for windows with fixed sashes. A magnet is placed in the closing strip of the net so that the structure closes perfectly in all cases. Thanks to its easy mobility, it is also easy for children to operate.

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The installation of safety nets is carried out by certified specialists. This way you get not only a simple stainless steel mesh but rather a high-quality safety-equipment that could also be approved by your insurer.

Safety Stainless Steel Mash

PROMESH security screens are constructed using 0.9mm 304 high-tensile stainless steel wire which is 12.5% thicker than many other security mesh brands currently used in the industry. These scenes are harder to cut or penetrate and are designed to not only keep the flies or mosquitoes out but also the burglars as well.

Security window screen

Security window screens are fixed to the window frame so that they cannot be removed, making them even more secure for you and your family.

Security sliding flydoor

The security sliding flydoors can be locked with a key and the stainless steel mesh in the sash cannot be cut with a knife.

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