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Roller Shutters

The aluminum shutters, buildable in front of doors and windows, have a range of features that serve the owner's convenience. This light metal is virtually indestructible; it is resistant to UV radiation and even the hail. The roller shutters are filled with a special material that offers additional sound and heat insulation. Besides the colorability, it is not negligible that the aluminum shutter could contribute to the property protection and it can even be motorized. The latter, in addition to remote control, gives you the opportunity to build a smart system, and with the help of sensors, the motorized shutters could be automated. It will allow our shutters to work time to the clock or to work in accordance with the time of day or even the weather.


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The smart shutters in a lot of households are the first step on the road to smart houses.
Start with us modernizing your family home.

aluminum roller shutter

radio frequent motor

remote controls

aluminium roller shutter


In the case of motorized shutters, it could be operated with a wall switch, with a mechanical motor or remote radio control. In addition, it is also possible to perform group and timer control.

Smart Roller Shutters

6 channel remote
motorised roller shutters

The smart shutter is virtually a motorized shutter with a variety of sensors. Essentially, the operation of the shutter is not only possible with the remote control but can also be automated. Let’s say, with a timer, you can set your own sunlight every morning, or with a wind or light sensor you can sensitize it to storms, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your home whilst on holiday, the smart system will do its job. What's more, the smart device can be connected to any previously designed smart home systems, such as heating or lighting, but it also provides the ability to remotely calibrate via a smartphone.

16 channel remote


The aluminum shutters are able to increase the level of security of your home. The massive roller shutters cannot be entered through silently or quickly. Due to the built-in electric motor, it is a virtually almost impenetrable wall in front of the burglars as the shutters cannot be manually moved. In addition, with the right automation, the motorised solution can also help the safety of your home by moving the shutters at regular times, creating the impression of someone is being at home even when you are at work or travelling.

security roller shutters

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Sound Insulation

Thick shutters, filled with insulation material or equipped with air-chambers, besides the temperature can control noise as well. Indeed, the noise has to pass through a lot more layers when the shutters are lowered and the foam insulation in the shutter blades further increases this soundproofing ability. Using uPVC windows, these shutters provide excellent sound insulation. It is highly recommended for houses located next to main roads and other busy locations, as the soundproofing ability of the lowered shutter to prevent the dust from entering the home.

Heat Insulation

Most people buy shutters to create a pleasant climate in their home in the summer with the exclusion of sunbeams. However, few see it achieving this, not only by shielding but by the thermal insulation capabilities these shutters have. Aluminum roller shutters, for example, are equipped with special insulating materials that support the work of doors and windows not only in the summer but also in the winter, as they do not allow the glass to be reached directly by the hot or cold, so the heat exchange takes place much slower.

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