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Opening methods

of uPVC doors and windows

In many cases, the question may arise which window and door should open to what direction. In the following diagrams, we would like to give you some help and introduce some common ways of openings.

The opening mode of the window is always defined by facing the window from the inside. The door or window that is hanged onto its frame on its left side is left-oriented window and consequently the opposite will be the right-oriented window.

fixed window

Fix window

turn window

Turn window

tilt and turn window

Tilt & Turn window

double sash window

Double sash Turn window

flying mullion window

Double sash Tilt & Turn window


Awning window

fixed circle wndow

Fix circle window

turn cicled window

Fix & Turn circle wi

arched window

Tilt & Turn arched window

double sash window with mullion

Double sash Turn window with mullion

double sash window with mullion

Double sash Tilt & Turn window with mullion

lift and slide door

Lift & Slide door

fixed figure window

Fix figure window

tilt and turn figure window

Tilt & Turn figure window


tilt and turn door with window

Tilt & Turn door and Tilt & Turn window

tilt and turn door with window and fix

Tilt & Turn door and Turn window with a Fix window

sliding door

Sliding door 





Some of the more typical opening modes

In the above figures, only the most commonly used opening modes are depicted. Apart from this, there are still a lot of variations for the uPVC doors and windows. If you would like to open a different way, please check with our colleagues for more information on possible technical solutions.

You just dream of your new windows and we design them.

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