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The type of glass is an important feature to consider when choosing windows. It is recommended to choose windows with at least double glazing, however triple glazing are also available on the market. It is similarly important to consider whether the type of glass and glass system offers the right level of insulation. In case of double-glazing, without any further insulation increasing features, the U-value will be around 2.8-3. If at least one panel has a very thin film metal coating, this value goes down to 1.4. This glass called low emissivity glass commonly known as low-e glass. In cases where argon is used between the two panels, the U-value lowers to be around 1.1. The lower the U-value the better the glass system is as the U-value is used to measure glass system’s ability to retain constant temperature within the house. With triple-glazing where at least two glass panels are low-e glass the U-value can be further decreased, the thermo-performance of the glass system increased.

Our windows are made with the minimum of double-layered glazing, but we also offer triple glazed windows


1-layer glazing: 

- 5.8W / m2K  4float       (only indoors)

2-layer glazing: 

2.8W / m2K  4float -16 air gap - 4float        (garage, suitable for outbuildings)   

1.4W / m2K  4Low-e -16 air gap - 4float        (enhanced thermal insulation)   

1.1W / m2K  4Low-e -16 argon - 4float        (special thermal insulation)

3-layer glazing:

0.7 W / m2K  4Low-e-12 Argon - 4float-12 Argon - 4Low-e.       (36mm  glass structure)

0.6 W / m2K 4Low-e-16 Argon - 4float-16 Argon - 4Low-e.        (44mm glass structure)

0.5 W / m2K  4Low-e-18 Argon - 4float-18 Argon - 4Low-e.       (48mm glass structure)