You don’t want to take time off while installing your windows and doors?

We install windows and doors even on weekends at no extra charge.

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We install uPVC products from any profile producer firms due to our highly qualified staff with extensive experience in the building industry.


We can confidently offer:

Retrofit – exchange of existing but outdated doors and windows

Installation to new builds

In order to save energy and reduce carbon footprint, the quality of installation is just as important as the quality of the windows and doors. Poor workmanship of installation will result in energy loss and increasing costs regardless of the quality, energy rating, or soundproof properties of the products. Therefore, it is important to engage in professional installers in any case.

It means NO difficulty for us to install any uPVC frames.

This price includes:

  • The transfer of items from fabrication place to the installation site

  • Existing doors and windows removal and disposal

  • New doors and windows installation that includes the covering profiles being installed as well.

However, excludes:

  • The creation of apertures where the window and doors get installed

  • After installation works that may occur such plastering, rendering and painting

  • Crane and scaffolding

Warranty work resulting from faulty installation will fully covered by GaBe

GaBe is a trading company, we specialize in installation services of Double Glazed windows and doors as follows