In case you find our offer favorable and accept it, our friendly staff will contact you, will provide you with their expert advice at your home whilst conducting the final measuring of apertures based on which production will commence.

In order for us to give you a quote, we need some information. This information is very important as it determines the price of windows and doors.

window measuring

How to request a quote

Contrary to popular belief, prices are not set in square meters. Whichever company thus gives you a quote will fool you, as a fixed window cannot cost as much as an opening one...

Please provide the following information so that we can quote:

  1. quantity

  2. width and height - in this order

  3. opening mode (example: sliding, awning, tilt & turn)

In addition to these, if you have any other extra wishes, please write them down as well. I am thinking, for example, of color or safety mash, possibly shutters, etc ...

We do not operate a showroom, so we can keep our prices low while maintaining quality. So we don't have stock. We try to serve all our customers according to their individual needs. That's why we've created a mobile showroom to show you our samples on-site to create the best technical solutions for you. This ensures that every customer gets the most perfect windows and doors that fit their house at the best possible price.


Mobil Showroom

(08) 6102 0450

preliminary quotation

If you could please send through the window measures, we could send you a preliminary quote. If you like the quote, our installers are going to measure the windows again for exact measures for production.

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