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house insulation

Nowadays, being environmentally conscious is becoming ever the most important, and that starts with energy-saving.
Earth’s energy reserves are not only scars but rather finite, and governments throughout the world treat this phenomenon seriously. In some countries, energy-efficient building in case of new construction is mandatory and enforced through rigorous procedures and strict policies. 

                                                        Double glazing, double saving

Good insulation leads to lower bills; consequently, it will save you money immediately. What’s more, houses built with double glazed windows and doors will experience growth in value due to the increasing popularity of the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme. This guarantees that the windows and doors equipped with double-layered glass will return their investment twice.

Energy saving:

There’s nothing wrong with windows that open to the outside since this is a great way of saving space within the house. However, this way the shutters will need to be placed on the inside, which significantly reduces the potential heat protection offered by installing the shutters.
Let’s think about. The sun heats up this relatively large one-layered glass surface, which heats the room up. Hence, there is no much point in having a shutter on the inside, since using it will block the light out, but not the heat. However, if the shutter is placed on the outside, it will block the heat of the

heat and sound insulating

sun from reaching the glass surface providing much heat insulation to your home. In order to increase heat protection, we use double-layered glass. The air gap between the two glass panels will increase the insulation property of the window.

Double glazing, double comfort

Therefore, by adopting double glazing windows and doors throughout the house we can prevent the heat coming in and the cool air going out achieving an increased energy-efficient solution, which means a cost-saving for you.

The role of an external shutter:

security glazing

Double glazed doors and windows are not only better at protecting you from the weather, but also at protecting you and your family from uninvited guests. Since most of the burglaries are conducted via windows and terrace doors it is especially important that the technical specifications of these items do serve your security requirements.


           Double glazing, double security

                                       The  uPVC  windows  and  doors  offered  by us are equipped with built-in bar-lock mechanisms around each side of the windows that provide a multi-point locking system. We also offer security glass options that bring you extra peace of mind for you and your family’s safety. Moreover, employing external shutters would provide the ultimate solution in terms of security as it means an extra barrier against forced entry.